Here is a lowdown on how to start building muscles

When you want it and want it immediately:

It is most often impulsive. Suddenly, in the adolescence or post teens when you see someone with a beautifully sculpted body and you think to yourself why you do not have one and why you never thought you wanted in the first place.

Now that the inspiration is in place you start looking for things and people to help you in getting yourself similar kind of body. You look around books, magazines and talk to the local gyms at the neighborhood and also meet a few trainers and you decide now is the time to make it (or break it!).

The problem then:

For a body to be sculpted the way you'd like it would take months perhaps years to begin with and so you must be patient and work with determination. There is no "just now" or instant results. The beautifully sculpted body that you see on the stage is not got by working overnight or for only a few days.

Extreme hard work and determination:

There is no shortcut to success and if you want to look like Daniel Craig or have a body like Arnold you must be ready to give it your all – your energy, loads of effort, unflinching discipline and total dedication. Only then you can reach your goal. There is no place for people who brood over their choices later. Because once you begin on your journey to that beautiful body that is there on your mine you will need to constantly motivate yourself to keep on keeping on. Keep reminding yourself the goal for which you started working at it in the first place!

Getting on:

There are two things that you need to do in case you are looking to build a body like your favorite superhero a la the one that saves the world from evil forces! Firstly, you will need to tone down your body and in the simplest of terms it would mean to burn down extra fats that is there on your body. So loose hanging handles and particularly around the mid waist area and the thighs need to be taken care of.

Next,, you need to increase the muscles in your body. The fact is that only when the fat in the body is trimmed away it is easier and practically so to build muscles. On the contrary, say that you are person who has no fats on your body and you are lean but you need to bulk up then there is nothing better than weight training and building muscles. stay here, we are going to cover you too.


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The actual muscle building:

It has been noted that in the best conditions, a person can maximum add only about one pound of muscle in a month. It means that if your diet is the most appropriate and you are working out well within the ambit of your growth and that your body is getting the appropriate amount of sleep that it requires.

The food you eat must be just the right quantity for you to build muscles and not help you put on fat. Consciously removing fat building agents in your food will help you not only build muscles at an optimum rate of time but it will also avoid taking you back to square one.


Working around your diet generally helps. You can talk to our experts on the best protein supplements that will work for you in order to build up muscle bulk. Supplements can only help you do that and nothing more. Don't fall into trap of advertisements where they show you that you can build up like hulk in less than two months. It is practically not possible at all.

You must be realistic about your goal:

One and sometimes maximum two pound of muscle is all that is humanly possible even with the supplements. So, go slow and last there longer is what we would advice.